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Run 3 Away


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Run 3 Away is an exciting and challenging endless running game that will test your reflexes and agility. In this game, you play as a character who is trapped in a never-ending maze and your objective is to run as far as you can without falling off the platforms. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Run 3 Away will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Game Controls

The controls for Run 3 Away are straightforward and easy to grasp, allowing players of all ages to enjoy the game. Here are the basic controls:

  • Arrow keys: Use the left and right arrow keys to move your character horizontally.
  • Spacebar: Press the spacebar to make your character jump.

How to Play

The objective of Run 3 Away is to guide your character through the maze and reach as far as possible. As you run, the platforms will appear and disappear, so timing is crucial. Falling off the platforms will result in the game ending, so be careful!

To increase your score and achieve a high distance, collect power-ups and bonus items along the way. These power-ups can enhance your character’s abilities, such as speed boosts or temporary invincibility. Utilize them wisely to maximize your runs.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you master Run 3 Away:

  1. Timing is key: Pay close attention to the platforms and their disappearing patterns. Time your jumps and movements accordingly to avoid falling.

  2. Collect power-ups: Power-ups can greatly enhance your performance. Keep an eye out for them and collect as many as you can to gain an advantage.

  3. Plan ahead: Take a moment to analyze the upcoming platforms and obstacles. Having a strategy in mind will help you make quick and precise decisions during gameplay.

  4. Be patient: Don’t rush through the levels. Take your time to assess the situation and make calculated moves. Patience is crucial to surviving in the game.

Game Developer

Run 3 Away is developed by Paperio2, a renowned game development company known for their addictive and visually appealing games. With their expertise in creating entertaining gameplay experiences, Paperio2 has crafted Run 3 Away to be a thrilling and challenging endless running game.

Game Platforms

Run 3 Away is available to play on multiple platforms, including:

  • Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Android devices (via Google Play Store)
  • iOS devices (via App Store)

No matter which platform you choose, you can immerse yourself in the addictive gameplay of Run 3 Away anytime and anywhere.

How to Play Unblocked

To play Run 3 Away unblocked, visit the official website of Paperio2, which is Once there, navigate to the Run 3 Away page and start playing instantly without any restrictions. Enjoy the game without worrying about being blocked or limited access.

Embark on an exciting endless running adventure with Run 3 Away and showcase your skills and reflexes. Test your limits, collect power-ups, and aim for the highest distance possible. Get ready to explore the maze and conquer the challenge!