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3 Slices


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Are you ready for a pizza-filled adventure? Introducing 3 Slices, the ultimate physics game that will have you bouncing with excitement! Take control of a slice of pizza as it navigates a series of platforms, all while collecting coins and unlocking power-ups. Get ready to unleash your inner pizza chef and conquer this addictive game!

Master the Controls

The controls in 3 Slices are as simple as pie! Use the arrow keys to move the pizza left and right, and press the spacebar to jump. Need a breather? Just hit the “P” key to pause the game. It’s so easy, you’ll be tossing toppings in no time!

Collect Coins, Unlock Power-Ups

Your goal in 3 Slices is to collect as many coins as possible before the pizza hits the ground. Each coin you collect earns you valuable points that can be used to unlock awesome power-ups. Imagine the possibilities!

With power-ups like the double jump, you can soar to new heights by jumping twice in a row. The magnet power-up attracts coins to the pizza like magic. And don’t forget about the shield power-up, which protects your precious pizza from harm. The more power-ups you unlock, the more unstoppable you become!

Overcome Challenges, Be a Pizza Pro

As you progress through the game, the challenges become more intense. More platforms and obstacles stand in your way, but fear not! Embrace the challenge and let your pizza skills shine. With practice, you’ll become a master at collecting coins and dodging obstacles. Keep your eyes on the prize and never give up!

Pro Tips for a Pizza-licious Adventure

Here are some insider tips to help you conquer 3 Slices like a true pizza pro:

  • Use the walls to your advantage. Bounce off them to reach higher platforms or avoid pesky obstacles.
  • Watch out for spikes! One touch and you’ll lose a life. Stay sharp and avoid those sharp edges.
  • Power-ups are your best friends. Utilize them to collect coins and maneuver through tricky situations.
  • Persistence is key. The later levels may seem challenging, but with determination and practice, victory will be yours!

Get Ready to Slice and Win

3 Slices is a delightful physics game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, this game is perfect for everyone. Its simple controls, addictive gameplay, and satisfying coin-collecting action make it a must-play experience. Get ready to unleash your inner pizza chef and conquer the world of 3 Slices!

Discover More about 3 Slices

Want to know more about 3 Slices? Here are some additional tidbits of information:

  • Created by the talented developer “Pixelsaurus,” 3 Slices is a testament to their dedication and ingenuity.
  • The game made its debut in April 2022, bringing joy and excitement to players around the world.
  • You can play 3 Slices for free on various websites, including Unblocked Games WTF. Dive into the pizza-filled adventure wherever you are!
  • Critics and players alike have praised 3 Slices for its captivating gameplay and addictive nature. Get ready to join the chorus of satisfied pizza enthusiasts!

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your imaginary chef’s hat, grab a slice of virtual pizza, and dive into the mouthwatering world of 3 Slices. Get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience that will leave you craving for more! Start your pizza adventure now at Paperio2.